Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We are having a wonderful holiday! Our gardens are looking gorgeous after lots of mowing, weeding and pruning! I had such fun yesterday, I went to visit Heather from Braeside Alpacas for a spinning lesson and learnt a mountain load about preparing fibre for spinning and spinning fibre! We washed Lass's fleece and last night I used the hand carders that I borrowed from her to make rolags and started to spin them. The results look promising!

We can now see Gedalyn's cria moving! Her due date must be fast approaching! The photo is of Lass, Gedalyn and Julie relaxing in the shade, almost in the shelter and accompianied by ducks!

Mahler and Bartok love their food toys, I stuffed a kong toy and a ball with biscuits. These will keep them amused for hours! There was a minor scuffle when Bartok's toy had run out and he decided to see if Mahler would give his up... the answer was a definite no!


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